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Special Gift

Special Gift
Brand: DXN
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The most pleasant surprise to your sweetheart for Valentine. DXN top quality cosmetics fortified with the wonder of ganoderma.

She will be amazed of the results. Get the secret for her. Baby skin complexion for everyone caused by the medicinal mushrooms.
We send it to your loved address within 24 hours. Special delivery, gift wrapped and moderate price.


DXN Ganozhi E UV Defense Day Cream

A rich and creamy moisturizer that hydrates, firms and moisturizes your skin as you protect against UV rays, leaving skin feel velvety soft, smooth and supple. The cream is enriched with Vitamin E and a blend of botanical extracts to defend against damages by free radicals and strengthens skin to defend against all external aggressions.

DXN Ganozhi E Nourishing Night Cream

A rich and creamy moisturizer to intensely nourish when the skin naturally renewing itself during night time. Skin feels softer and smoother by the following morning. Added botanical extracts sucha s Canadian Willowherb, Commiphora myrha, Fagus sylvatica, Ganoderma lucidum, Horsetail, Sunflower Seed, Yeast and Wheat Germ help to improve firmness whilst strengthening the skin`s structure.

Gano Massage Oil

Gano Massage Oil contains the finest palm oil and Ganoderma extract suited for every massage need. It is all-natural and rich in antioxidant. Best for all skin types and all ages.

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