DSP "Ab" Kit with Free Membership - 529 Points

DSP "Ab" Kit with Free Membership - 529 Points

DSP "Ab" Kit with Free Membership - 529 Points

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10 - Linghzi Black Coffee

10 - Linghzi 3in1 Coffee

10 - Cream Coffee

5 - Cocozhi 

1 - Spirulina 120

1 - Ganozhi Toothpaste

1 - Ganozhi Soap

+ Basic Kit folder (free)

When buying this Kit you pay the exact member price, which is 20-25% less than the retail price of the products in theKit and the membership is for free. You will get all your money back and more. DXN opens an account for you with £687 which is 150% of the package price. You can use it in the next 4 years on any of subsequent purchases while enjoying another 10% discount from the Member price. Regardless of when or what you buy, you get an extra 10% off up to £687. Let’s see an example. Let’s say your first purchase is:

DXN Ganozhi E Nourishing Cream for £41.1. Memberprice: £32 As you get this account you enjoy another 10% off, so you pay: £28.8. The company withdraws £3.2 from your account. That leaves us with: £687-£3.2= £683.8 Isn’t it colossal? Available for up to 4 years.

And who wouldn’t want money back just for selling these fabulous health products to others?  Because when you join, you’re entitled to an automatic membership of DXN. So if you choose to resell or refer others to the DXN product range, you’ll be entitled to cash bonuses and refunds that are payable to you directly from DXN into your bank account. All it requires is that you purchase a Membership or a DSP Kit.  Add one to your cart now and see the savings for yourself.

DSP means Dynamic Start Program. After joining you’ve got 12 weeks to speed up your business and earn extraordinary commission on selling DSP Kits to others. Sell just one "Kit A" and next Monday you get the commission: £118.1 during the first 12 weeks. On selling only one single Kit. This enables you to earn a considerable amount of money right from the beginning. Cool, isn't it? This was unknown in MLM business before. Enjoy your coffee, enjoy your business.

REMEMBER:  There are no ongoing obligations. One single purchase each calendar year keeps up your membership. DXN will never ask you money for membership or undertake contractual obligations. These are all rights, achievable benefits. Take it or leave it.


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