My Story

I am Miklos Varga, Hungarian vet living in the UK since 2006.

I am working for the Food Standards Agency in a professional job in food hygiene.

I am a student in CNM college Manchester as well in my graduate year in Naturo Nutrition Practitioner course.

I have started an online venture about two years ago with the aim of selling herbal remedies in the UK, mainly Hungarian products that are not yet present on the British market, through a website: At this time, I was desperately looking for the possibility to sell medicinal mushroom products as well, and found nothing for a long time. It was almost a year later, when I accidentally bumped into a healthy coffee advertisement. I like coffee but I thought I would rather not recommend it on my healthy professed website.

For my biggest surprise, as it turned out these products were the reishi, cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms, which I was fascinated by and searching for long ago. The MLM and the usage in coffee were the next surprises. As far as I am concerned, they mean real additional benefits.

I knew this is one thing I must try.

I have been thinking of planning to give up drinking coffee for a while, but this way I don't need to.

A coffee, which instead of increasing your blood pressure, regulates it, even decreasing it if it's necessary. It opens new perspectives for enjoying coffee.

The idea to mix with Arabica coffee makes the everyday consumption of medicinal mushrooms available for a wider range of people, thus making them able to experience all its positive physiological and healing effects.

This way they can start to consider consuming other products made from medicinal mushrooms as well.

I didn’t have any experience about the MLM system but took it with a grain of salt. I always considered it to be the business of the lucky few. I never thought I could be a part of this few, if I didn’t join the process in the very beginning. Now I feel different about the MLM, nevertheless this is a starting business in the UK.

There is no simpler business than this one. Take a step and sign up. Give yourself a chance. Drink 3 boxes of coffee consuming the same daily amount you are used to without drinking ordinary coffee. You can decide afterwards. Tell your family and friends what you experienced.

They will sign up to buy products cheaper, while a whole network is building around you without you even noticing it. In the meantime you are already consuming the mushrooms in capsules as well. It is a possible way of starting a carreer.

There is no simpler business then this one. Take a step and sign up.

Thank you for your time reading my story.

I hope to read your story on a similar website soon.

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